In the past, I have gotten a little seasick: I got a part time job that had nothing to do with Untamed Blonde, overbooked my Untamed Blonde schedule, quit that part time job that I thought I needed, tweaked my bridal vision, created major upcoming Untamed Blonde Events, researched new fitness & nutrition programs, and contributed to two local charity events…

Let’s just say, I have felt every single emotion humanly possible during all of that: panic, excitement, fear, creativity…but most of all, resilience. I am slowly learning that all of the above comes with the territory of starting your own business.

On top of the emotional waves, I have felt like a fraud. I felt I betrayed myself and Untamed Blonde by not continually creating authentic writing pieces. When I built my brand, I set myself up on a strict writing schedule and planned to always stick to it, no matter what. For the first three months, it worked well but with the currents changing, I haven’t had time or creative pull to sit down and write. I’ve been devastated because writing is my brand’s backbone and the reason why I’m at this point today. I started to put extreme pressure on myself about NOT writing. So. Not. Fun.

Stepping back and putting my emotions aside, I realized I am just doing what I can. I’m riding this uncontrollable wave and some days I am just trying to keep my head above water. Instead of looking at what I haven’t been able to do, I started looking at what I have accomplished instead.

Over the past three weeks I have been meeting with a bunch of likeminded individuals to collaborate, help, and build with one another. That is something I have been dreaming of doing! The days of an empty inbox haven’t occurred lately, and I am extremely grateful. I am answering every opportunity and taking up every meeting – so far it has been a great success. I LOVE talking with people riding their own waves too, because it’s something no one else can really understand unless you’re submerge in it. Although, the recent meetings and events have taken me away from my writing, the time I have been putting in will be able to take me to new places.

I realized being so hard on myself during a time of juggling every role for a company is not going to get me anywhere. It’s extremely difficult wearing so many different hats when you’re a one woman show but I wouldn’t change a thing. It’s only been four months since I have launched but I have grown so much already.

Here are the three biggest takeaways that I would like to share with you. I hope they can give you motivation to hop on your own wave, continue riding it, or just give you peace of mind that we all get seasick at times.

Things to keep in mind when embarking on your own business wave…

  • Remember who YOU are. YOU = your brand, your company, & your platform. When creating, be sure to take the proper time and essential steps to build your true self and image you for your company. Once established, check-in with each thing you do. Ask yourself if that fits YOU. In the beginning, the doubt and worry can really eat at you. Sometimes it’s easy to get thrown overboard and take a part time job or do a quick gig to make some money, but it may not be worth it if it doesn’t fit YOU. Jumping overboard could in the end hurt your company’s image. You can really confuse yourself out there. Use your foundation as your compass to guide you in the right direction. Opportunities will come if the hard work and organic foundation is there. Trust that it will be evident to the right eyes.
  • Write it Down. Invest in lots of notepads of all different sizes.  Ideas come and go, don’t discourage any! Write everything down. You never know where your next idea will take you. Some of my upcoming events people are so intrigued by. They say, “You thought of that?! That comes out of your brain?” because the ideas are a bit out of the box. Usually my creative powers work in building blocks. One idea, onto another until I find the right combination. Kinda like Cher’s closet from Clueless. I write everything down and see where I can find a match. Find a brainstorm formula that works for you. Be sure to never laugh at an idea, be open to whatever passes through and see if it can fit somewhere. It may not be tomorrow, or next week, but the idea could help you down the line.
  • Enjoy the Ride. It’s tough when you are in control of your whole company, career, and life. It can be extremely overwhelming. The thing I am realizing more is that it’s important to be patient and unwind when needed. You gotta get some sleep or pour a glass of wine, and most importantly breathe. Turn off. Literally. It’s easier said than done but I try and block out “me time” now or else I find myself working 12 hour days, 6 days a week. It’s truly an exciting ride but if you don’t stop and enjoy your accomplishments you’ll miss all the fun. Kinda like in the beginning of dating someone new. If you don’t enjoy seeing where it’s gonna go and let it unfold naturally, you’ll end up overthink every text message and date. You’ll miss the exciting romance. You should be falling in love with what you are creating and let the wave carry out naturally.

Feel free to comment or reach out if this something you too are facing while building your own business. I find that talking to likeminded creators is a nice release. I’d love to hear what you have faced and how you are digging in and overcoming it!