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The Kick I Needed

Today, my procrastination was at an all-time high and my motivation was at a record low. I spent most of my day staring at an empty word document and a bare inbox. In between the lack of writing and unreturned emails, I managed to clean the apartment, cook everything in our fridge, and pack Jesse and I for our weekend getaway to Austin.

Although that progress sounds ideal to anyone – it’s not for me. Why? Because it’s THURSDAY and I haven’t written a thing! Granted it was a short week, to me that’s inexcusable because I found every excuse this week to not write.

I am not exactly sure why, but this week has been especially tough for me to be productive. Was it because this was my first time not going back to school and teaching? Was it because summer has technically ended? Was it because I ate five hotdogs this weekend? Who knows!

But just as I was texting Jesse and venting about how I feel a little loss this week, my procrastination lead me to a video that completely changed my day.

Get your tissues ready – Katy Perry had a heart-wrenching meeting with Tony Marrero, a survivor of this summer’s Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting. If you haven’t seen this truly inspiring clip from yesterday’s Ellen Show, please click the image below!


Although Katy Perry has always been the reigning champ on my Favorite Female Pop Star list (yes, there is whole list), today she put everything into perspective.

Because of all her hard work and determination, she was able to help a stranger, a victim of a random act of violence, fight for their life! Plus, she gave them the chance to fulfill their own dreams. Holy moly!

Now, that’s my goal – yes, maybe the money & fame too – but beyond that! The ability to help someone in need. The ability to put a smile on someone’s face and help them stay positive. The ability to give someone something they may never have.

Today Katy put a whole lot of joy in Tony’s life and everyone’s watching, and she also gave me my determination back! This short video was just the kick I needed to remind me why I am on this journey. It changed my outlook, killed my doubt, and reminded me to stay on my path. I hope this video inspires you to continue on your path and keep working towards your goals!

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