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Falling Back in Line

With the end of summer and the start of football season, my eating habits and workout schedule have not been what they used to be. I am coming up with a plan to FALL back in line this autumn!

Summer is always a difficult time of year to be “good” – heck, any time of year is tough! For me, the social activities that summer brings makes it especially tough: barbecues, outdoor happy hours, ice cream…

But for about 70% of summer I was on my game! Getting my workouts in during the morning and then eating smart throughout the day. Yes, at times I would enjoy when socializing with family and friends – but it’s summer, that’s a given. For the most part I was able to stick to my healthy habits and I was feeling great and I was seeing results.

But once August hit, my mentality completely shifted. It went from being happy with my smart decisions to now regretting them. I felt like I missed out on summer and I needed to savor it before it was gone or I was DOOMED! So dramatic.

I found myself over indulging in summer foods that I originally refrained from: hotdogs, chips & dips, cheese plates, beer… I thought to myself “This is it, gotta have it now! Summer is over!” which then caused me to abuse those unhealthy items. I realized that I deprived myself in the beginning of summer, which then caused me to overdo it at the end of summer.

August was not my best month and now with football season (my absolute favorite time of year) I find myself continuing the poor choices, just because football is on! Football to me means: yelling at the television, eating wings, and drinking beer… Not the best combination!

I am putting a STOP to this indulgent behavior and coming up with a plan to fall back in line – and it has officially started this week!

Here are the two key things I am doing to get myself back into my smart eating habits & diligent workout routine!

  • I am finding a balance of healthy eating and enjoying a splurge item once in a while. I now know that I cannot be too strict and hard on myself because it can lead to diet meltdowns, like in August. A way I can be smart but still have a treat is for example, if I want chicken wings during the Broncos game, I can allow myself a few but will refrain from dunking them into the blue cheese dressing. Small choices that can lead to bigger outcomes. I am hoping that by finding a balance I can never fall too much over into either the healthy side or the indulgent side. Life is a balancing act and I am now understanding more and more that so are our eating habits.
  • I am varying my workouts to keep myself interested and excited! I am a creature of habit and I love my routines but I need to let that go when it comes to working out. I am finding that when I vary my workout schedule, I push myself much harder and put in 100% because it’s different from what I did the day before or what I will be doing tomorrow. I am also working out at different times in the day so that I never find myself dreading my morning or nightly workouts. Instead, the different times of day keeps it fresh along with the various activities. Plus, varying workouts keeps your body on edge, which then leads to results a bit quicker. Check out my routine changes below!!!

See if my tips work for you while getting back into the swing of things! It’s time to get on track before the holidays approach…yes I said the “h” word! Let’s FALL back in line together this autumn!

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